The 5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for 2017

I’m a wedding dress geek.

When I get excited for a new style or idea, I always head to a store to check out some of the more popular options.

But, for the most part, I prefer to shop at my local thrift store.

So, with the holidays fast approaching, I decided to look at some of my favorite wedding dresses for 2017. 

I started by taking a look at the best dresses for every type of occasion.

I also wanted to make sure that each dress was tailored for a specific wedding style. 

This year I also focused on styles with lace and sequins that were more contemporary and more comfortable. 

The most popular wedding dresses in 2017? 

Maine Wedding Covid gowns are a staple of the wedding season. 

Miles and Miles from the Wedding is a stunning gown with lace appliqués and a fitted bodice. 

It has a flattering neckline and a beautiful gold hem. 

Wedding gowns with lace accents are very popular this year. 

There are two different types of lace in Maine wedding dresses: a lace-and-striped one and a more modern one. 

For the more modern style, the bride’s dress is fitted with lace. 

In the past, wedding dresses were usually made of plain fabric. 

These days, many wedding gowns feature some type of lace applique. 

My favorite lace wedding dresses of 2017?

The Lace Wedding Dress in the ’90s The Mandy Wedding Dress The Black Wedding Dress from the ’80s The Dainese Wedding Dress of 2016 The Bessie Wedding Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg The Margo Wedding Dress A classic Maine wedding dress that has a stunning lace appliqé, a plunging neckline, and a lovely gold hem is Margo’s Wedding Dress. 

Made of cotton, this gorgeous dress is sure to be a favorite in the wedding room. 

Its slim waistline, long bodice, and flattering lace appliques make it a favorite for a variety of wedding day occasions. 

Check out more of Margo’s wedding dresses here. 

Marion’s Wedding Veil in a Blue and White Marions wedding veil is a beautiful blue and white wedding veil. 

Lace appliqué appliques make this gorgeous veil an ideal addition to any wedding. 

If you love a stunning veil, Marons wedding veil has the perfect look. 

Make sure you pick up a matching veil to complete your wedding with. 

Ralph’s Wedding Wedding Veil Ralf’s wedding veil is perfect for the summer months. 

Fitted with lace, it will bring out the gorgeous floral embroidery and the sparkle in your bridal ensemble. 

Don’t miss a moment of your wedding as Ralph’s wedding gown is one of my all-time favorite wedding gown styles. 

He loves his Maine wedding veil and it is so versatile. 

You can choose from many different options to get the perfect dress. 

Natalie’s Wedding Dresses in a White and a Gold Natalie dresses in a White and a gold. 

Love her simple yet gorgeous style, Nash dress is an essential piece of the lifestyle. 

A timeless design with a modern silhouette, she has a timeless feel. 

Grab a matching headpiece or accessory to complete the look.

Cristie’s Wedding Gown in a Light Gray and Silver Cris gown in a Light Gray and Silver. 

Cris is a favorite bride who has a beautiful, timeless style that is both casual and beautiful. 

She loves the simple look with a vintage vibe. 

Get a matching hat or necklace to complete her look.


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