When rustic wedding cakes get a makeover, a little inspiration can be found in a vintage wedding registry

Zola Wedding Registry is a wedding registry that celebrates the history of rustic and custom wedding cakes and their unique flavours.

The registry is a collaboration between Zola Bakery and Zola and the Boulangerie de Ville de L’Ardées in Quebec.

“It’s an opportunity to bring our heritage and create a new identity for our customers and we want to keep it that way,” said Amanda Boulange, co-owner of Zola.

According to Zola, weddings are an opportunity for people to reflect on their past and to celebrate their new identity.

“It is important for the couples to remember the past and the future,” said Boulangie.

“So that’s what we’re doing.”

The registry is also a way for Zola to celebrate the diversity of Quebec.

“Quebec is a melting pot of cultures and cultures have their own customs and traditions and they’re unique and they need to be recognized and celebrated,” said Kristin Tchad, president of the Quebec Association of Zolas.

Zola is currently planning a new website that will celebrate diversity in the wedding industry.

“We are so lucky to have the same family as the Bishops of Montreal and Quebec City and they come together and we celebrate,” said Tchd.

“And I think we should do the same here in Canada.”

The registry will be available at all of Zolas locations from October 21 to October 26.

For more information on the registry, visit zolasweddings.com.


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