Wedding Dress for ‘The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Talking’

I had been thinking about wedding dresses for years.

In fact, I had always wanted to do it, and I was really interested in getting the perfect one. 

I had never heard of this bridal boutique called ‘The Bride Who Wouldn´t Stop Talking’. 

And the day I got the call I was blown away. 

‘You´re going to love this dress,’ my mom said.

‘It´s a very special one.’ 

The Bride Was Just a Kid! 

‘This dress was made for the Girl Who Wouldnt Stop Talking.

It´s one of the first of its kind in the world,’ says Mona Sawant, who is the executive director of the boutique. 

She had been planning on getting married in a small town in northern India, and now, she was going to be the bride of her dreams. 

The dress was custom made for Mama and Daddy, the two brides who lived in the small town of Vadodara, Tamil Nadu. 

It was inspired by a traditional Indian wedding dress, but it also had an all-American twist, with a simple, yet sophisticated design. 

Monsieur and Mamie, the bridesmaids, wedded in a traditional Indian wedding. 

But it wasn’t just about the wedding dress. 

This dress was made by the design studio of designer Marvin Spencer and executor Dennis Gurr of the New York-based Design Studio who is also the designer behind the stunning wedding gowns that you can find in the fashion store Luxury Wedding. 

What sets this bride dress apart from any other wedding dress is the unique detail. 

 ‘The bride´s dress was handmade with a very special hand, and the dress had a little something extra’, says Sperling of Spencer & Associates. 

When the bride wore the dress, it was unbelievably comfortable, unlike any other bride I have ever seen. 

Sparling is a wedding dress designer and designer-in-residence at Luxe Wedding, and he has designed countless wedding dresses. 

He also was responsible for designing the wedding ring. 

While there are countless bridal stores selling wedding rings, Sara Werner, a wedding dress photographer for LUXury weds, who has been photographing weddings for decades says, “I love seeing beautiful women in their wedding dresses and in a wedding dress and I just think it´s just so amazing to see.” 

Sandra Werschel, who photographed weddings for Lusty Wings, a lingerie brand which sells and designs a line of wedding dresses as well, is so excited to make her own wedding dress for her husband Jason Schaefer. 

Jason has been married for two years to Karen Mortimer and their three children. 

Kathleen Morgen, a designer who has worked for Spencer & Gurus for 25 years, and is a special assistant for  Luxure Weds, said, ‘I really love designing wedding dresses because it really gives you the opportunity to do something new, to try new things, and to have something different that people would love.’ 

‘If you want a custom wedding dress and you don´t have a designer to do it for you, you can make your own.’ 

It is so easy to make your own wearing a dress from a few basic ingredients and materials. 

As you go through the process, you will see that the materials have been used and they have a good feel. 

You can also add plastic woven in the front and silk in the back and it will look amazing. 

And you can have your own makeover at home and have the design done on your day. 

How Do I Make My Own Wedding Dress? 

You can make a dress out of your favorite materials and fabrics and you can have it printed on a flat board or with paper fabrics and/or 


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