How to get married in New Delhi

A New Delhi wedding that was advertised as the “largest wedding” ever in India is set to end in a blaze of glory.

The venue was booked for the wedding of a man and woman who had never been married.

But they decided to call it a “preowned” wedding because of the fact that they had no money to pay for the venue, which is not allowed to be sold.

“We are not happy to get a bad name because we have nothing,” said one of the bride’s relatives, who is also a lawyer.

“The venue should not be sold at a price lower than we paid, because this is not fair,” she said.

“We are trying to find a better solution.”

A second cousin, a lawyer who has been attending the wedding with his wife, said the venue should be sold for a better price, but the bride did not have enough money to buy it.

“I have already tried to contact the venue to try and find a compromise, but they did not reply,” said the lawyer.

The bride’s sister said she would not be going for the ceremony either.

“Our marriage is not a good one.

We were told that our wedding would be celebrated at a private venue in a different part of the city,” said her brother.

“This is a disgrace.

There are so many people who are happy to pay Rs 100 for the day of the wedding but are not prepared to pay such a high price,” she added.

The wedding venue was originally booked for an outdoor ceremony in front of a tree-lined park, but when the bride and groom did not arrive for the scheduled ceremony, they decided the ceremony should be held indoors.

A local media channel has reported that the bride had to sell the house she was renting to get the venue rented.

The bride’s mother and father are the ones who were in the house when the wedding was booked.

“I am so happy to see our daughter,” the bride said.

“When we met her, we did not know her.

I was only able to get her number through my mother,” the mother added.”

After her wedding, we had no idea that she would become a successful lawyer, so I was extremely happy.

But after our daughter was married, we were completely shocked,” said another relative.

A friend of the couple said that they were expecting their first child in September.

“It is a very sad day.

We are planning to leave this place and go somewhere else, but I hope we can make our wedding last forever,” the friend said.


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