What to wear at your wedding

WEDDING PROMPT: You want to dress up for your wedding, but you can’t dress up.

So, you might be in the market for a wedding dress, but not sure what it’s made of?

Check out our guide to the best wedding dresses on the market.

Here are some suggestions for what to wear:Brief dress with a pattern and a bow.

This is the best option for your style and will give you a unique look.

Wedding dress with embellishment.

This will help make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Dress with a flower and/ornaments, as well as a ribbon.

This will help add a romantic touch.

Wear a flower crown or a white lace up gown.

This wedding gown will look gorgeous with a bow, and will add a special touch to your outfit.

Make your wedding day memorable with an elegant bridal shower, where you’ll be able to sit on the balcony and get an intimate look at your favorite bridesmaids.

If you’re a little less specific, check out our wedding planner’s guide to choosing the perfect bridal dress for you.

Budget wedding dress or wedding dress that fits your budget.

This dress can be a good starting point for your budget and will also give you some inspiration to go on a more formal wedding.

Wear something that will give your wedding a bit more sparkle and flair.

You can dress up this dress with accessories like gold leaf and pearl necklaces.

Check out our expert guide to wedding gowns and wedding ceremony accessories for more wedding advice.


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