How to dress up your wedding without breaking the law

A wedding dress can be a gorgeous addition to any home, and the bride can also choose from a variety of stunning accessories and wedding dresses to enhance the occasion.

Here are some of the more unique ways you can dress up the occasion without breaking any laws.1.

Wear your hair in a bun.

Many wedding parties wear their hair in loose bun-like wigs, and you can make a great statement by adding a bit of flair with a twist of hair.

Some wedding guests wear their locks in bun-styled bun hairstyles, while others will opt for a longer, braided style.

The more natural the look, the better.2.

Wear a necklace.

A wedding party that opts for a wedding necklace is likely to want to include a gold or silver band to show off their new engagement ring.

For an extra-trendy touch, you can also opt for jewelry made from precious metals such as platinum or diamond.3.

Dress in a colourful dress.

If you are planning a formal, romantic wedding, you may also want to wear colourful, flowing dresses, or a simple white dress.

For a more casual look, opt for black, grey or even white wedding dresses.4.

Wear an open-topped hat.

This can be especially handy when you are preparing to wear a wedding ring, as it will make the groom look less intimidating.

Some couples opt for an open top hat, while some choose to wear it on the head, in a bow-like style.5.

Wear high-waisted jeans.

For the bride, high-cut jeans will make her look taller and more confident, while for the groom, high cut denim will make him look taller.6.

Tie a bow at the knot.

A bow at your wedding will show that you are happy to be a part of a big day, and if you want to make your wedding look more formal, tie a bow in a ribbon at the top of the wedding cake.7.

Add a veil.

If your guests are going to wear veils, make sure you include a little bow on the top to emphasise your formal look.8.

Add some flowers.

Adding flowers to your wedding dress will make it look more romantic and beautiful.9.

Add glitter.

If glitter is an option for your guests, it is always best to include glitter on your wedding cake or in the bride’s bouquet, as well as the wedding dress itself.10.

Add lace.

If lace is an idea for your wedding, adding a lace applique on the cake is a great way to add an extra touch of elegance and elegance.11.

Add ribbon.

If a wedding cake is not your thing, adding ribbon on the front of your cake is another option.12.

Add pearls.

Pearls are a great option for the bride as they add a bit more flair and glamour to the look.13.

Add flowers.

If the bride is feeling a bit less formal, adding some flowers to her bouquet or dress is also a great idea.14.

Add ribbons.

If all of the above ideas sound like something you would like to try, you might want to consider adding ribbons to your cake or wedding dress for added drama and fun.15.

Add chiffon.

A chiffron can be worn on the wedding day, for an added romantic touch.16.

Add earrings.

Earrings are great to add to your own wedding dresses, as they are the perfect accent to the dress and the sparkle of the bride will make you look beautiful.17.

Add jewellery.

You can wear jewellery at your next wedding, or for special occasions.

You could also consider adding jewellery to the wedding rings and rings on your bridal jewellery collection.18.

Add floral arrangements.

If flowers are a must, you could also include floral arrangements to add a little extra sparkle and fun to your reception.19.

Add beads.

If beads are an option, adding beads to the bridal veil is another great way for your bridesmaids to show their individuality.20.

Add candles.

You may be tempted to add candles to the bride or groom’s cake to add more colour and sparkle to their reception.

But be aware that if you add too many candles, it will detract from the formal feel of the ceremony.21.

Add sparkles.

You might also want some sparkles to add some sparkle or interest to your celebration, but remember that they must be bright and not distracting.22.

Add decorations.

If there are any extra accessories to add, you should definitely add them to the cake.23.

Add bows.

If decorations are a way to celebrate your special day, adding bows is another way to make it a memorable day.


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