How to buy diamond rings and rings of honor in Canada

The diamond wedding bands and rings sold online in Canada are typically priced from $15,000 to $30,000.

That’s a lot of money for a lot less than the cost of a diamond ring.

That makes them ideal for people looking to sell their wedding rings for big money, or for someone who just wants to buy a ring for their loved ones.

“People just love them for the price,” said Zara Mair, a sales manager for a jewelry retailer in Vancouver.

“It’s a great ring to sell because you’re getting a ring that’s worth a lot more than what it’s going for right now.”

There are three types of diamond rings available online: a medium-grade ring, a high-grade or top-of-the-line ring and a fancy diamond ring, according to the Canadian Diamond Council.

The most expensive one can fetch up to $40,000, according the council.

They can be purchased online, at Canadian Tire stores or at diamond sales.

There are a lot to choose from when it comes to diamonds, but the ones you buy online should be well worth it, said Mair.

“The quality of the diamonds, how well they’re treated and how well-cut they are are the three things that really matter when it come to your ring buying experience.”

Mair said people can buy a diamond wedding band online, and when they get the ring to take it to the ceremony, the ring should be in pristine condition.

“I’ve never seen a ring break,” she said.

Mairs advice to anyone considering selling their ring online? “

If you buy a quality diamond ring you can take it anywhere you want, anytime.”

Mairs advice to anyone considering selling their ring online?

“You need to know that this is an online market,” she added.

“There are people who are in the business of selling wedding rings online, but it’s also a market that is going to be highly competitive.”

Mares advice to a prospective buyer?

“I would definitely recommend the quality of your diamonds be something you would want to look at.”

With files from the CBC’s Angela Pimentel


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