How to get the most from your wedding dress

Dresses are the most important part of a wedding, but can also be a major challenge.

To make them look amazing, you need to think outside the box and find inspiration in other types of dress. 

Wedding dresses are a popular topic in wedding photography circles, and you can easily find inspiration from different styles of dress and even make your own by mixing and matching fabrics and accessories. 

Dresses from different countries can be compared and contrasted to create a perfect balance of style and function. 

To get the best from your dress, you can use the following tips to get it right. 


Get the correct material for your wedding: If you’re going for an outdoor wedding, you should use a waterproof fabric.

You’ll also need to consider the material you want to wear.

You can get a lot of ideas online for how to choose a fabric for your dress.2.

Choose a color and shape: When it comes to choosing your wedding day, the color is usually a deciding factor, but you can also choose a style, such as a simple white or yellow.3.

Choose your hair: You can choose between simple ponytails, long locks or bangs to complement your outfit.

Some brides have a different hairstyle for their weddings, and choosing the right one for your style is key. 


Choose the dress: For a modern wedding, choose a dress with a wide neckline, short sleeves and no lace.

This gives the illusion of more formality. 


Use different colors: Different colors can be used for different purposes.

You could choose an embellished lace or a simple tulle, which can add interest and give your wedding the perfect effect. 


Get your friends to help: The best advice I can give you is to find a friend who knows how to make dresses.

They might not have all the skills you need, but they will be happy to help you if they are able to help. 


Choose an appropriate date: I usually recommend that you choose a date for your ceremony and that you do the ceremony at the same time as your guests.

You want to make sure you get the ceremony done in time and that your guests are happy, and they might not be able to attend if the ceremony is late. 


Choose appropriate accessories: Some of your guests might want to bring a different necklace, ring or bracelet, so make sure they have the right accessories for that. 


Decorate your dress:Decorative elements such as gold, diamonds, ornaments and pearls can help to enhance the style and look of your dress while also adding an artistic touch. 


Create your own dress:You can also make your dress from scratch by mixing fabrics or by modifying the fabric of your gown.

This can be particularly important for women who are less likely to have natural hair and want to use a natural look. 


Make your own wedding cake topper:The best part about a wedding cake is the cake itself, and this is why it’s essential to make your wedding cake with as many different kinds of cake as possible.

You will need to use different cake mixes, but a simple buttercream cake is ideal. 


Make a unique style for your event: This is a very personal and unique way of looking at your wedding. 

You could use the same cake as a cake for the reception or even make it a cake that you can keep as a souvenir. 


Use your creativity to create something new: While the theme of your wedding may be different, the way you create your theme is a great way to tell a story. 


Make it a special occasion:You may want to celebrate your wedding with a special day, but it is important to create an event that will stand out.

Make the party a surprise and put on an elaborate event, such like a dance party, or an outdoor party with a dance floor and live music. 


Have fun and look stunning:A fun and unique style can make your guests feel at home, and a wedding that is very formal can also attract a crowd. 


Be creative with your decorations:It is a good idea to have a little fun, but don’t just go for simple, plain white and black decorations.

You might want a little more personality and colour. 


Make an outdoor reception:If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony, consider adding a big outdoor reception with outdoor seating.

This will allow guests to enjoy the outdoors without having to stand for long hours. 


Create a fun surprise for your guests:Make a special surprise for the guests.

For a more formal wedding, include some special gifts or decor items for the couple. 


Make dinner for your bridesmaids:Dinner for your groom and bridesmen


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