How to Dress Up Your Wedding: A Wedding Color Scheme

Fall wedding color schemes are a great way to show off your style and personality, and they can help you create a unique and memorable look for your special day.

It’s important to remember that all color schemes fall under one of three categories: formal, casual, and casual, formal or casual.

And while you can have all three in your collection, it’s important not to limit your choices to one.

“I like to think of formal wedding color, which is just an elaborate, sophisticated pattern,” says bride and designer Lauren Cerniglia.

“Or casual, which I think is an elegant, simple color that just happens to be the most appropriate color for the moment.”

If you want to create a color that will make the most of your special occasion, here are three color options that you can consider: a neutral wedding hue, a shimmery wedding color or a shimmering wedding color.

Casual Wedding Color Choices For the most formal, you can use a neutral, shimmery, or a bright, sparkly wedding color that reflects your wedding theme.

“If you want a subtle, muted, or bright wedding color,” says Cernigan, “I would recommend a neutral color that is not too flashy.”

“If the color is a sparkly or shimmery color, I would definitely go with a more shimmery option,” she adds.

“Also, if you want something a little more subtle, go with more of a shimmer.”

Cernigans recommends choosing a light-medium brown for your wedding day.

“The brown is a light, medium-medium shade,” she says.

“You want it to be just right for your ceremony.”

“For the casual color, there are three things that I like to consider,” Cerniga says.

One is that it has a shimmer and sparkle to it.

“A shimmer is a subtle color that comes with a little bit of shimmer and glitters,” she explains.

“It’s a very light, cool, airy look.”

Another is a metallic color that has a metallic undertone to it, such as a rose gold, platinum, or turquoise.

“That has the same shimmer as a metallic wedding color and it just has a slightly different look,” Cherniglia adds.

You can choose between two different wedding color themes, depending on how you want your color to stand out.

“There’s a different kind of look you can go for, and that’s something that’s very important to think about,” Cigniglia says.

If you prefer to use a shimmer color, she says, “The more sparkly, the more you’ll need to use it, but you can also have a more subtle effect on your day.”

For the casual, casual wedding color you want, Cernigi suggests using a medium-dark brown.

“Medium-dark is a very cool, neutral color, so you can be very subtle,” she notes.

“Just be careful not to use too much of a color.

The more you use it on your wedding, the less likely it is to pop.”

The other options that Cernigs suggests are a muted brown, a cool red, and a bright yellow.

“One of the most popular, and the one I think everyone will really love, is a bright red,” she suggests.

“We have a few different colors for different occasions, and I like the bright red because it’s a little cooler and it doesn’t overwhelm the mood of the ceremony.”

Casual Wedding Colors For the more casual wedding, you could opt for a more muted, muted color that doesn’t do too much to convey your wedding vibe.

“My favorite colors for the casual wedding are very subtle and medium, so a neutral brown, medium brown, or even a metallic gold,” says Lauren Chernigan.

“For my formal color, a light brown, is the perfect way to do that.

I love a dark brown because it will really pop and it will complement the whole wedding.

I would love for it to blend in with everything.”

“My favorites for the formal color are very, very subtle, and light, and for the other two I would suggest something with a metallic tone, like a metallic blue,” she continues.

“These are all neutral wedding colors, but if you really want to really bring the whole day together, a metallic, metallic, sparkling, shimmering color would be the way to go.”

Chernigans recommends using a neutral or neutral brown for the wedding color for a casual look.

“Because a light gray is so versatile, you’ll have more options for your day,” she states.

“As a general rule, I like a neutral gray, but I also like to go with something a bit more bold.”

For your casual color of choice, Chernigs suggests choosing a medium or light blue.

“When it comes to your formal color choice, I think a lighter blue is really good for


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