How to ring a wedding anniversary gift

The bride is getting a gift from her future husband but is it possible to ring them an anniversary gift?

According to some experts, you can ring the gift of marriage as early as a year before your wedding day. 

“Marriage is a very personal and intimate experience and if you don’t ring it in time, you’ll miss out on a big part of your happiness,” says Eva Gulli, a marriage and family therapist.

“So if you are planning to ring your anniversary gift in the months to come, consider getting it before the wedding and ring the birthday card as soon as possible.

You might be able to save some time if you know your husband loves you and would appreciate a present.”

The rules vary depending on the wedding.

In Ireland, the wedding is only allowed between the wedding date and the wedding anniversary date.

In Italy, it is only the wedding day and not the anniversary date that counts, so if you want to ring an anniversary card as early in the future, make sure to ring it before your birthday.

“It is always advisable to ring the anniversary card first, as the celebration and anticipation for the event can be very high,” says Gullie.

“If you don’t ring the card, it will be difficult for your husband to appreciate your gift and you’ll have missed out on so much.”

The wedding gift can be an important part of the ceremony, but you don”t want to miss out either.

“So if a wedding gift is on your wish list, don’t forget to ring in time.


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